Careers Office

Careers Office of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTh.Tech) links the Higher Education to the labor market, by preparing and informing TEI's students and graduates.

Careers Office is included for development in DASTA Programme and founded by the European Union and the Greek state.


Aims of Careers Office consist mainly of the following:
  1. Individual and group advisory.
  2. Conduction of tests for occupational rehabilitation.
  3. Publication of infomative leaflets, such as advisory tools, curriculum vitae tools, tips for effective business interviews etc.
  4. Website maintenance.
  5. Support to students with physical deficiencies.
  6. Notification for job positions posted by collaborating companies in Greece or abroad.
  7. Publication of electronic newspaper.
  8. Record-keeping of all Institute's graduates.

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace: Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Agios Loukas, P.C. 65404.
Information: Olga Andreadou.
Website: | e-mail: | Tel.: +30 2510462204 | Fax: +30 2510462205.

Drama: 1st km of road from Drama to Kalabaki.
e-mail: | Tel.: +30 2521060425 | Fax:+30 2521060425.

This section is updated regularly by Career Office with all kinds of relative information on job offers, notices, events etc.

Register to DASTA Integrated Information System in order to be timely informed and participate to the activities of EMaTh.Tech Careers Office.

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